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National Disability Insurance Scheme


national disability insurance scheme

Magenta is a NDIS Registered ( service in NSW and QLD. We work with people who are Self Managed; NDIA Managed and Plan Managed. To make an enquiry, click on the links below.

Accommodation /Tenancy

Assist Personal Activities

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Development-Life Skills

Household Tasks

Participate Community

Personal Activities High

Group/Centre Activities

Community Nursing Care

Support Coordination

Behaviour Support

Assist-Life Stage, Transition


What people say about our services

“Magenta Management is very available to answer questions at any time. They are also an excellent listener. They are very clear about the organisation’s philosophy, which makes it easy to understand expectations in terms of service delivery. They are able to share excellent insights about service users, presenting a very well-rounded view of each person”
“Their availability is excellent. When you need to talk to them they are almost always available and if not, ring you back very soon after. They are very open to suggestions from staff regarding the people we support. They are very approachable and easy to talk to if staff are experiencing problems.”

“I find them very efficient and knowledgeable in their grasp of Care Work locations, availability and skill sets. They are always prompt in their responses are: capacity to take on new clients and responsive to the changing needs of clients”

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