At Magenta, our team is a group of passionate professionals. They are the driving force behind everything we do, and harness their skills and experience in pursuit of one, common goal – to make a difference in the lives of others.

Promoting compassion, kindness and cooperation, our people make Magenta a great place to work. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, they place a high value on integrity. Furthermore, they are people-focused. Our people believe in the power and importance of personal choice.

From the moment you enter our service, our team is warm, welcoming and supportive. 

“I have had the honour of working for Magenta Community Services for 5 years now. I look forward to going to work EVERYDAY. The training provided to staff is outstanding.” – Bron


Jonny Iuso, Managing Director

Founding Magenta Community Services in 2013, Jonny has a long 30-year history in the disability sector and is extremely passionate, driven and hardworking. Her daughter Emily was born in1992 with major health complications and diagnosed with a disability. Emily tragically passed away in 1996.


Jonny knows what it feels and looks like to be a family living with a disability which is why Magenta has built a strong foundation and message to always keep the participant at the heart of everything we do. Her empathy, kindness and compassion for our participants and families shine through Magenta every day.


Outside of her role, Jonny loves to spend time at the beach, spend time with her son, and going on holidays with friends and family.


Tony Iuso, Company Director

Also founding Magenta Community Services in 2013, Tony has also worked in the disability sector for over 30 years. The tragic passing of his daughter Emily who was diagnosed with a disability, was his drive and the beginning of his vocation with Jonny to make Magenta Community Services a provider with a difference. The difference is that he knows what it feels like to be a family living with disability.

Tony is passionate about a Participant focused approach to support.

Outside of his role, Tony enjoys fishing, movies and travelling.




Joelle Willis, Area Manager for Central Queensland

Commencing in 2018, Joe has worked as a Support Worker and Team Leader, including for our multiple SIL houses in Gladstone. In March 2021, she stepped into a 12-month secondment as the Acting Area Manager for the Central Queensland region.

Joe brings a strong customer service and leadership background to the organisation. She has a deep affinity for the community she works in and loves working with people from all walks of life. With a customer service background spanning more than 20 years, Joe places a high value on delivering person-centered services. She loves working as part of a team and is passionate about ensuring the participant remains at the heart of our service framework.

Outside of her role at Magenta, Joe loves being close to nature. Whether its bush walking, riding, camping or just sitting and relaxing at the beach listening to the waves or reading a book, she loves being in the outdoors with her friends and family. Joe is a big believer in self-care, and says that it keeps her grounded and allows her to be the best person she can be, making her who she is today.

Jessica Doyle, Area Manager for Southern Queensland

Jessica joined the Magenta team in 2016. Backed by a career spanning 20 years, she has a background in education and community services.

Jessica is passionate about working with people to create meaningful change and great outcomes. Additionally, she places a high value on a holistic approach to support. Whether it’s communicating with loved ones or connecting with communities, Jessica ensures people are at the centre of Magenta’s support framework. 

During her time at Magenta, Jessica has worked across aged care and disability support services. Furthermore, she is experienced in supporting children with disabilities.

Outside of her role, Jessica loves spending time with her family. Being outdoors and camping as often as possible are also favourite pastimes.

A woman smiling with a white long-sleeved shirt that has a bronze, gold and silver iguana pattern. She is standing in front of a tree with green foliage.

Kate Higgins, Area Manager for Northern Rivers

Kate joined the Magenta team in early 2021 as a Team Leader and in March, she stepped into the Northern Rivers Area Manager role.

With an experienced background spanning almost 20 years in the community sector, Kate has worked in Aged Care, Disability, Homelessness and Early Intervention. A former Lifeline Volunteer Crisis Telephone Counsellor, Kate says, her experience has taught her the value of humility and reignited her passion for being open, leading by example and working from a heart space with boundaries. 

Describing herself as intrinsically altruistic, quality focused and highly person centred, Kate is a hands-on leader who places a high value on relationships. Kate has tertiary qualifications in Management and Community Services, she is an accredited Family Group Conference Facilitator and is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Counselling.

Outside of her role at Magenta, Kate has solo travelled to different countries to see watch her favourite rider, Valentino Rossi race in the MotoGP motorbike races. Kate loves barefoot gardening and art.

Jason Reed, Regional Development Manager for New England

Looking after the New England region, Jason has an experienced background in health and fitness, as well as the disability sector. He has a wealth of leadership, coaching and business skills. Furthermore, Jason brings a complementary blend of experience to the Magenta leadership team.

Jason’s passion for supporting regional and rural communities stems from growing up and living in regional New South Wales. He places a high value on community because he understands the complex issues faced by regional areas. This includes with disability and mental health services.

In the past, Jason has been on the board for a variety of disability and community groups, including Co-Operative Life. Outside of his role at Magenta, Jason is a busy Dad to two beautiful girls. He is also a keen renovator and enjoys playing soccer. 


Magenta is governed by an independent and voluntary Advisory Board. Together, they provide effective oversight of management and strategic guidance. Equally important, they champion the founding purpose for which the organisation was established.
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